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Statistical replication

Statistical programs and eventually data enabling to replicate the statistical tables of my articles. Page under construction.

Covid−19 epidemic and mortality in France by age category

A few graphs on the evolution of mortality by age category in France: pdf file

And the R script

Covid-19 graphs with R

A small program to construct graphs on the Covid-19 epidemic, in the world, in 5 world clusters, China, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia.

Here's the script.

Here's May 20th 2020 pdf.

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Statistical programs permitting the replication of my comment "Can We Use Alsace-Moselle for Estimating the Employment Effects of the 35-Hour Workweek Regulation in France?"

The statistical programs permitting the replication of my comment are written for the Stata software. Data enabling the replication of my results can be accessed through the Réseau Quételet.


Statistical code permitting the replication of my comment "Can Alsace-Moselle decide on the 35 hours?" (French version, October 2016)

Those programs exist both for Stata, Sas or R. Data can be obtaine from Réseau Quételet.

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