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Réplication des résultats statistiques

Les programmes et éventuellement données permettant de reproduire les tableaux statistiques de mes articles. Page en construction.

Replication package for the Great Separation

The Great Separation is based on fine-grained administrative data that cannot be published for obvious privacy reasons. Therefore, you will not find the original raw data in this replication package. However, you will find the generic scripts to produce estimates in a given country (provided you get access to the data from the relevant statistical authority), the aggregated country estimates, and the estimation script based on the aggregated country data.

Scripts for "In the land of AKM" and for creating a DADS full panel

For our paper with Damien Babet and Marco Palladino, we used DADS yearfiles overlapping information to create a pseudo-identifier (IDENT_ALL) for wage-earners in France between 1994 and 2020. This enables for the first time to exploit statistically a full panel of wage-earners in France. The pseudo_id SAS scripts for the CASD platform can be found here.


Last update : 2024/01/08

Covid−19 epidemic and mortality in France by age category

A few graphs on the evolution of mortality by age category in France: pdf file

And the R script

Covid-19 graphs with R

A small program to construct graphs on the Covid-19 epidemic, in the world, in 5 world clusters, China, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia.

Here's the script.

Here's May 20th 2020 pdf.

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Statistical programs permitting the replication of my comment "Can We Use Alsace-Moselle for Estimating the Employment Effects of the 35-Hour Workweek Regulation in France?"

The statistical programs permitting the replication of my comment are written for the Stata software. Data enabling the replication of my results can be accessed through the Réseau Quételet.


Code source pour répliquer les tableaux de mon commentaire "L'alsace-Moselle peut-elle décider des 35 heures ?"

Ces programmes ont été faits à la fois sous Stata, SAS et R. Les données peuvent être obtenues auprès du Réseau Quételet.

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