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Covid-19 graphs with R

A small program to construct graphs on the Covid-19 epidemic, in the world, in 5 world clusters, China, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia.

Here's the script.

Here's May 20th 2020 pdf.

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World situation per country

Global file with population size included

Confirmed cases with details for  Chinese,  Canadian and Australian Provinces

Deaths with details for  Chinese,  Canadian and Australian Provinces

Recovered with details for  Chinese,  Canadian and Australian Provinces

Italy per region and day

One file per day, starting on 2020-02-24

Example: 2020 April 11th Italian file

Spain  per region

 Cumulative Spanish file

France per region and department

Cumulative French file

UK per country and region

Cumulative UK file per country

Cumulative UK Cases

Cumulative England Deaths The filename changes everyday

Germany per Lander and Landkreis, age and gender

Cumulative German file

USA per state and county

Cumulative US file per State

Cumulative US file per county

Complementary files

French population per region and department (source: Insee)

USA population per States (source: US Census)

Number of beds per inhabitant in the world (source: World Bank)

Number of beds per inhabitant in France (source: DREES)

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