olivier godechot

Advanced Quantitative Methods

Olivier Godechot

Sciences Po. Master of sociology (second year). Fall semester.


1. August 28th 2021. 14h45. Experimental methods (natural experiments, difference-in-differences, regression discontinuity design). Lecture

Godechot, Olivier, 2016. The Chance of Influence: A Natural Experiment on the Role of Social Capital in Faculty Recruitment. Social Networks, vol. 46, p. 61-75.

2. September 6th 2021. Experimental methods (natural experiments, difference-in-differences, regression discontinuity design). Implementation

3. September 13th 2021. 14h45. Instrumental variables. Lecture

Goux, Dominique and Eric Maurin. Close neighbours matter: Neighbourhood effects on early performance at school. The Economic Journal, 2007, vol. 117, no 523, p. 1193-1215.

4. September 20th 2021. 14h45. Instrumental variables. Implementation

5. September 27th 2021. 14h45. Panel regression. Lecture

WALDFOGEL, Jane. The effect of children on women's wages. American sociological review, 1997, Vol. 62, No. 2 (Apr., 1997), p. 209-217.

6. October 3rd 2021. Panel regression. Implementation

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[Presse] Lechevallier, Anne-Sophie. 2021. "Dans l’effervescence des temples de la finance", Paris Match, n°3379 Dans l’effervescence des temples de la ...: plus ici|more here

[Publications] Godechot, Olivier and Nicolas Mariot, The two forms of social capital. Relational structure of PhD committees and recruitment in French: plus ici|more here

[Publications] Godechot (Olivier), The Bazaar of Rationality. Towards a Sociology of Concrete Forms of Reasoning, Politix: plus ici|more here

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[Publications] Godechot, Olivier, Paula Apascaritei, István Boza, Martin Hallsten, Lasse Henriksen, Are Hermansen, Feng Hou, Jiwook Jung, Alena Křížková, Zoltán Lippényi,: plus ici|more here

[Publications] Gautié, Jérôme, Olivier Godechot and Pierre-Emmanuel Sorignet, Institutional arrangements and the labor market functioning: The case of executive search, Sociologie: plus ici|more here

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