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1. 3 September 2015. Introduction

Organization of the seminar

2. 10 September 2015. Historical approach of financial markets

Students’ presentation:

Michie Ranald, 1986, “The London and New York Stock Exchanges, 1850-1914”, The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 46, No. 1 (Mar., 1986), pp. 171-187.


Carruthers Bruce, 1996, Chapter 8: “Government bonds and political bonds”, In: City of Capital. Politics and Markets in the English Financial Revolution, Princeton University Press, p. 195-207.


3. 17 September 2015. Financialization

Students’ presentation:

Krippner Greta, 2011, Chapter 4. “The Reagan Administration Discovers the Global Economy”, Capitalizing on Crisis: The Political Origins of the Rise of Finance, Harvard University Press, p. 86-105.


Godechot Olivier, 2015, “Financialization is marketization! A study on the respective impact of various dimensions of financialization on the increase in global inequality ”, Working paper.

In French: Godechot Olivier, 2015, « Variétés de financiarisation et accroissement des inégalités », Revue Française de Socio-Economie (à paraître).

4. 24 September 2015. The performativity of financial theories

Students’ presentation:

Pardo-Guerra, Juan Pablo. 2010. “Creating Flows of Interpersonal Bits: The Automation of the London Stock Exchange, C. 1955–90.” Economy and Society 39 (1): 84–109.


MacKenzie Donald, Millo Yuval, 2003, “Constructing a market, performing theory: the historical sociology of a financial derivatives exchange”, American journal of sociology, 109 (1). 107-145.

In French: MacKenzie Donald, Millo Yuval, 2003, « Construction d'un marché et performation théorique : sociologie historique d'une bourse de produits dérivés financiers », Réseaux, vol. 21, n°122, p. 15-61.

5. 1 October 2015. Working on the market

Students’ presentation:

Ho Karen, 2009, Chapter 5: “Downsizers Downsized: Job insecurity and Investment Banking Corporate Culture”, Liquidated, An ethnography of Wall Street, Duke University Press, p. 213-248


Zaloom Caitlin, 2006, Chapter 3. “Social Experiments in London Markets”, in Out of the Pits. Traders and Technology from Chicago to London, University of Chicago Press

6. 8 October 2015. Rationalities

Students’ presentation:

Beunza Daniel, Stark David. 2012. “From Dissonance to Resonance: Cognitive Interdependence in Quantitative Finance.” Economy and Society 41 (3): 383–417.


Godechot Olivier, Forthcoming, “Back in the Bazaar. Taking Pierre Bourdieu to a Trading Room”, Journal of Cultural Economy.

7. 15 October 2015. Social networks, prices and profits

Students’ presentation:

Saavedra Serguei, Gilarranz Luis J., Rohr Rudolf P., Schnabel Michael, Uzzi Brian, and Bascompte Jordi. 2014. “Stock Fluctuations Are Correlated and Amplified across Networks of Interlocking Directorates.” EPJ Data Science 3 (1): 1–11.


Baker Wayne, 1984, “The Social Structure of a National Securities Market”, American Journal of Sociology, vol. 89, n°4, p. 775-811.

In French: Baker Wayne, 2005, “La structure sociale d’un marché à la criée”, Idees, n° 139, mars 2005, 56-69 et Idees, n° 140, juin 2005, 58-68.

8. 29 October 2015. Financial categories

Students’ presentation:

Carruthers Bruce G., Stinchcombe Arthur L., “The Social Structure of Liquidity: Flexibility, Markets, and States”, Theory and Society, Vol. 28, No. 3 (Jun., 1999), pp. 353-382


Zuckerman Ezra, 1999, “The categorical imperative: Securities analysts and the illegitimacy discount”, American Journal of Sociology, 104 (5), 1398-1438.

9. 5 November 2015. Finance labor market

Students’ presentation:

Célérier Claire, Vallée Boris. 2015. “Returns to Talent and the Finance Wage Premium.” SSRN Scholarly Paper ID 2393110. Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network. http://papers.ssrn.com/abstract=2393110.


Godechot Olivier, 2008, “"Hold-up" in finance: the conditions of possibility for high bonuses in the financial industry”, Revue française de sociologie, vol. 49, Supplement Annual English Edition, p. 95-123.

In French: Godechot Olivier, 2006, « Hold-up en finance. Les conditions de possibilité des bonus élevés dans l'industrie financière », Revue française de sociologie, vol. 47, n°2, p. 341-371.

10. 12 November 2015. Finance and transformations of firms

Students’ presentation:

Useem Michael, 1993, “The Rise of Shareholder Power”, in: Executive Defense. Shareholder Power & Corporate Reorganization, Harvard University Press, p. 19-56. 


Jung Jiwook, Dobbin Frank, 2012, “Finance and Institutional Investors”, in: Knorr Cetina Karin, Preda Alex, Sociology of financial markets, p. 52-74


11. 19 November 2015. When finance gets into crisis

Students’ presentation:

Goldstein Adam, Fligstein Neil, The Transformation of Mortgage Finance and the Industrial Roots of the Mortgage Meltdown, Berkeley discussion paper.


MacKenzie Donald, 2011, “The Credit Crisis as a Problem in the Sociology of Knowledge”, American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 116, No. 6 (May 2011), pp. 1778-1841.

12. 26 November 2015. Regulation: financial lobbies and the state

Students’ presentation:

Woll Cornelia, 2014, Chapter 7. “Ireland and Denmark”, The Power of Inaction. Bank Bailouts in Comparison, Duke University Press.


Grossman Emiliano, 2004, “Bringing politics back in: rethinking the role of economic interest groups in European integration”, Journal of European Public Policy, 11(4),  637-654.



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