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1. 2 September 2016. Introduction

Organization of the seminar

2. 9 September 2016. Historical approach of financial markets

Levy, Jonathan Ira. 2006. “Contemplating Delivery: Futures Trading and the Problem of Commodity”, The American Historical Review, 111(2), 307-335.

Material for lecture:

Carruthers, Bruce G. 1999. City of capital: Politics and markets in the English financial revolution. Princeton University Press.


3. 16 September 2016. Financialization

Students’ presentation:

Prasad, Monica. 2012. “The Credit/Welfare State Trade-Off”, The Land of too much, Harvard University Press, p. 227-248.

Material for lecture:

Godechot, Olivier. 2016. “Financialization is marketization! A study on the respective impact of various dimensions of financialization on the increase in global inequality”, Sociological Science 3: 495-519.

In French: Godechot, Olivier. 2015. « Variétés de financiarisation et accroissement des inégalités », Revue Française de Socio-Economie 16: 51-72.


4. 23 September 2016. The performativity of financial theories

Students’ presentation:

Riles, Annelise. 2010. “Collateral expertise”, Current Anthropology 51(6): 795-818.

Material for lecture:

MacKenzie, Donald and Yuval Millo. 2003. “Constructing a market, performing theory: the historical sociology of a financial derivatives exchange”, American journal of sociology, 109 (1). 107-145.

In French: MacKenzie, Donald and Yuval Millo. 2003. « Construction d'un marché et performation théorique : sociologie historique d'une bourse de produits dérivés financiers », Réseaux, vol. 21, n°122, p. 15-61.

5. 30 September 2016. Working on the market

Students’ presentation:

Fisher, Melissa S. 2012. “Careers, Networks and Mentors”, in: Fisher, Melissa S. Wall Street Women, Durham & London: Duke University Press.

Suggested reading:

Ho, Karen. 2009, Liquidated, An ethnography of Wall Street, Duke University Press

6. 7 October 2016. Rationalities

Students’ presentation:

Wansleben, Leon. 2014. “Consistent Forecasting vs. Anchoring of Market Stories: Two Cultures of Modeling and Model Use in a Bank”, Science in Context 27(4), 605–630

Suggested reading:

Godechot, Olivier. 2016. “Back in the Bazaar. Taking Pierre Bourdieu to a Trading Room”, Journal of Cultural Economy 9(4): 410-429.


7. 14 October 2016. Social networks, prices and profits

Students’ presentation:

Ferrary, Michel and Mark Granovetter. 2009. “The role of venture capital firms in Silicon Valley’s complex innovation network” Economy and Society 38 (2): 326-359.

Suggested reading:

Baker, Wayne. 1984. “The Social Structure of a National Securities Market”, American Journal of Sociology 89(4): 775-811.

In French: Baker, Wayne. 2005. “La structure sociale d’un marché à la criée”, Idees, n° 139, mars 2005, 56-69 & Idees, n° 140, juin 2005, 58-68.


8. 21 October 2016. Financial categories

Students’ presentation:

Kahn, Feisal. 2010. “How ‘Islamic’ is Islamic Banking?”, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 76 (3): 805-820.

Suggested reading:

Zuckerman, Ezra. 1999. “The categorical imperative: Securities analysts and the illegitimacy discount”, American Journal of Sociology 104 (5): 1398-1438.


9. 18 November 2016. Finance labor market / To be replaced

Students’ presentation:

Kuhnen, Camelia M. and Alexandra Niessen. 2012. “Public opinion and executive compensation”, Management Science 58(7): 1249-1272.


Godechot, Olivier. 2008. “"Hold-up" in finance: the conditions of possibility for high bonuses in the financial industry”, Revue française de sociologie, 49 Supplement Annual English Edition: 95-123.

In French: —. 2006. « Hold-up en finance. Les conditions de possibilité des bonus élevés dans l'industrie financière », Revue française de sociologie, 47 (2): 341-371.


10. 25 November 2016. Finance and transformations of firms

Students’ presentation:

Jung, Jiwook. 2016. “Through the Contested Terrain Implementation of Downsizing Announcements by Large US Firms, 1984 to 2005”. American Sociological Review 81(2), 347-373.


Dobbin, Frank and Jiwook Jung. 2016. “Agency Theory as Prophecy: How Boards, Analysts, and Fund Managers Perform Their Roles”, Seattle University Law Review 39: 291–320.


11. ! Thursday 1 December 2016. 14h45-16h45 !. When finance gets into crisis

Students’ presentation:

Bebchuk, Lucian A., Alma Cohen and Holger Spamann. 2010. “The Wages of Failure: Executive Compensation at Bear Stearns and Lehman 2000-2008” Yale Journal on Regulation 27(2): 257-282.


MacKenzie, Donald. 2011. “The Credit Crisis as a Problem in the Sociology of Knowledge”, American Journal of Sociology 116(6): 1778-1841.


12. 2 December 2016. Regulation: financial lobbies and the state

Students’ presentation:

Tsingou, Eleni. 2015. “Club governance and the making of global financial rules”, Review of International Political Economy, 2015, 22(2): 225-256.

Suggested reading:

Woll, Cornelia. 2014. The Power of Inaction. Bank Bailouts in Comparison, Duke University Press.

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