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Godechot Olivier, 2016, « The Chance of Influence: A Natural Experiment on the Role of Social Capital in Faculty Recruitment », Social Networks, vol. 46, p. 61-75.

    The effect of social capital is often overestimated because
    contacts and centrality can be a consequence of success rather than its
    cause. Only rare randomized or natural experiments can assess the real
    causal effect of social capital. This paper relies on data from one such
    experiment: faculty recruitment at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences
    Sociales (EHESS) between 1960 and 2005, a leading French institution of
    higher education in the social sciences. It exploits the fact that the electoral
    commission, a hiring committee which produces a first ranking of
    applicants, is partly composed of faculty members drawn at random. It
    shows that when the PhD advisor is randomly drawn, it doubles the
    chances of an applicant of being shortlisted.

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